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Post by shiftpro on September 4th 2016, 11:53 am

I wish I was there...! Well I wish I was at all the races, always did, always will.

What a ride by Tomac. I'm sure he's twice as fast when Roczen is not lined up... in Eli's head. Meaning, Eli's struggle with Ken wasn't about speed or racecraft, but mental, as usual.
Whatever Eli imagines he needs to do to beat Ken, it causes him to just spin out. He tries too hard.
I can also imagine Eli was just sick of losing so the GP's were somewhat of an opportunity to blow off some frustration. I only just watched the highlights and Eli was naturally pretty happy up on the box.

Webb... absolute monster out there.
Austin... another monster coming up.

Again I don't know for sure but I would bet Jeffery didn't flash the bird to anyone here. Congrats wrapping up his his title. Also amazing this kid breaks his collar bone and retruns
after some weeks to continue winning the championship. Unreal. I wish he would move to the US and ride for Decoster. After Dungey retires lol.

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